Return Policy

Only faulty or broken items can be returned.

If an item is sent to you and it is broken or damaged you have 5 business days after receiving the broken item to contact us. However if you are unhappy about a product please contact us with your concerns so we can see what we can do to help you. Once you contacts us we will be happy to find a solution to whatever issues there are. Please be aware that if an item is broken or faulty an image of the broken or faulty product and in some cases a return of the faulty product to Co2Passions is necessary to issue a return or exchange. 


For Clothing:

You have 5 business days to contact us after receiving faulty or defective clothing. 

Please make sure you use the sizing chart accompanied with each clothing article to order clothing items. 

Only misprinted, faulty image, or damaged clothing items can be exchanged or returned. If the print quality isn't great please contact us. A picture of faulty clothing item is required to complete return transaction or reprint.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us!